Season Ticket

Enjoy the pleasures of Knebworth Park this summer with a £40.00 season ticket. [Valid for the season only: 25/03/2017 – 24/9/2017]

Customer Comments:

“It’s great value for money”

“It allows us to enjoy the grounds for several months every year”

“We regularly use the Fort as a Playground for our daughter”

“In 2011 I visited 26 times – working out at £1.46 per visit. Such fantastic value.”

Terms & Conditions

1) Your Personal Season Ticket allows you an unlimited number of visits, during normal opening hours, to the Gardens, the Park, Fort Knebworth Adventure Playground and many Special Events.

2) Children  can hold a Personal Season Ticket but a parent or guardian must countersign the form. All children must be accompanied by an adult and not left unattended. Babies and children under 3 years do not require a Ticket. Children of 3 years and above (during the visitor season) require their own ticket – ie, if a child has their 3rd birthday between 25th March and 24th September 2017, they will need a Season Ticket of their own to visit once they have reached 3 years.

3) Your Personal Season Ticket is not transferable or refundable. It applies to the whole or part of the year’s season dates as advertised. Please keep your season ticket with you at all times and show it to a member of staff if requested.

4) Exclusions – Entrance to Knebworth House is excluded and also entrance to some Special Events.

5) You should notify us immediately if your Season Ticket is lost or stolen. A replacement ticket will incur a £5.00 administration charge.

6) We reserve the right to make any changes to facilities offered, and to close the Park and Gardens, or any part thereof, without notice.